Meeting Info


The D-Lab, 356 Barrows (unless otherwise noted)


Wednesdays from 4-5pm


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Mailing list

The mailing list will be low traffic (about one message a week), please subscribe so we can keep you informed of changes, and when papers become available!

Sign up here. Note that if you use your address, you’ll be able to manage your subscription with your CalNet login.


Papers are available in our zotero group. If you don’t already have it, click the big red button on the Zotero site.

Once you sign up for our group, whenever you open Zotero (within Firefox, or as a standalone app), it will automatically sync our papers, and you can get the papers for the next meeting in the For Next Meeting folder. Papers we’ll discuss are tagged required or recommended. Background material is tagged supplemental (you can filter easily by tag in Zotero). Feel free to stick potential papers for discussion in Potential.

If you struggle with Zotero, you should join our mailing list! We’ll send direct links there as well.

About this Website

I (Dav) will be updating this site aggressively. I welcome your help in keeping the group resources up-to-date. If you’re uncomfortable with GitHub, please ask me to use the very user-friendly! The GitHub link for this site is at the bottom of every page.