Building Realtime Data Visualizations with Open Source Tools

Mar 16, 2016


Live visualizations and analysis can create a better opportunities for insight, but processing, charting and mapping realtime data streams can be cumbersome.

This Wednesday, March 16, we’ll describe how to simplify these challenges with PubNub, a low-latency data delivery system for building and scaling realtime applications. We’ll cover PubNub’s design goals, architecture, and basic APIs, including approaches to including data distribution within larger systems. From there, we’ll demo our web-based platform for realtime, live updating animated visualizations – EON.

More on EON: EON is an open source JavaScript framework that connects C3.js open source charting library and Mapbox’s map widget to realtime streams of data allowing developers to collect, detect, and publish data in realtime to live-updating charts, maps and graphs. We’ll run through several code examples for building live gauge charts, spline charts, map/tracking charts, bar charts, donut charts and more.